Expedition Haggis - Antarctic Leg

Solo Unsupported Female South Pole Expedition

November 2023 - January 2024

Why this expedition is happening now, after seven years in brewing, planning and reflection: 

In honour of Haggis and the rocket she put up my bum by departing this world abruptly and unexpectedly,

In charity for women who have experienced sexual and psychological violence,

In honour of myself to finish business that had to wait until now due to the violence that was done to me.

This expedition now has history in my life and there have been different times and types of approaches that have all, over the years, brought me closer to the goal, sometimes in big leaps and sometimes in incremental stages. The time is now because I feel like these stories are finally, at least in some way, concluded.

What will happen:

The completion of the Scottish Slog expedition was a stepping stone to here. At the time, I may have down thought the project as a bit of 'free phys' in Scotland, but, actually, at times, it was pretty flipping hard! Kit management in the depths of Scottish winter with no dry out options, it turns out, is pretty challenging in it's own very unique ways. British Polar Guide and Wilderness Training Instructor, Toby Cowen, who I am looking to do training with in April, has assured me that if I could pull that off then kit management in a cold, DRY environment will be, well, perhaps a little easier in some ways!

1. Peruvian Jungle Training: Jan 2023 - April 2023

This will involve using a pulk-pulling harness to drag logs in 35 degree heat, as well as using weights and pulley systems for general strength conditioning, and will be incredibly tough. Commencing training in the jungle certainly adds to an interesting circumstantial start to the journey! 

2. Funding:

To be able to complete cold weather training in April, I will need to secure sponsorship for the expedition. Discussions with sponsors are currently underway.

3. Swedish Training Expedition: April 2023

This trip is designed to provide the technical skills, cold exposure and kit familiarity required to set sail in Antarctica later in the year. I will train with Toby for a number of days, before relocating to a more remote environment alone for a miniature expedition on my own, and then again to the even more remote Swedish mountains for a third, independent miniature expedition. 

4. Expedition Sign Off: May 2023

Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions (ALE) will give the expedition the green light following the completion of the training expedition in April, a safeguarding protocol to ensure that those attempting expeditions in Antarctica are competent, fit and safe enough to take on their ambitions.

5. Continued training and kit organisation, Scotland: May 2023 - June 2023

After visiting Sweden, I will return to Scotland to organise equipment and continue training on home turf before returning to South America.

6. Chilean Leg - The Greater Patagonian Trail: June 2023 - October 2023

On returning to South America, I will set off on a long journey south from Santiago, northern Chile, to Punta Arenas at the southern tip of Patagonia. This wild route could take me on a journey up to 5,000km  and will take me through desert, rainforest, mountains, volcanoes and ice. A very unpredictable, exciting adventure!

7. Arrive and rest in Punta Arenas: October 2023

Resting and getting fat (for initial insulation not calories, as people often think) will be the aim of the game. 

8. Expedition Haggis sets sail in Antarctica: November 2023

9. Something happens... I will leave on foot with all my food and supplies for the next 70-80 days contained in a pulk and ski from the Hercules Inlet the 1,200km to the South Pole.

10. Expedition Haggis concludes at the South Pole, Antarctic season ends: January 2024

11. Recuperation in Chile, before returning to Scotland for film-making, talks, writing and recovery: February 2024