The Expedition Team...

Becks: PR Manager and Logistics Support

Becks is a keen cyclist, committed dog lover and ex-Army Logistics Officer. Having spent nine years in the forces, she ended her military chapter to embark on a life of adventure driven goals and took the opportunity to get involved with the project after a chance contact through a friend.

Becks will be supporting the project in many ways, including teeing up media engagements, helping me update the world wide web and being the go to grounds bod to coordinate information to and from whilst out on expedition.

Lucy: Planning and Logistics Support

Full time mate, non-professional psycho-analyst, emotional side kick and part time idiot (ref. profile shot left).

Lucy is working her efficient little bum off teeing up anything and everything she can find to help out with expedition planning. Also happening to be the wife of Sarah Outen (, she is pretty well versed in the practise, highly productive and very resourceful. A great person to have on board!

In her real life, she is a full time farmer and keen rugby player, with a degree in Sports Science from the University of Edinburgh and a multitude of exciting business plans.

Jules: Physiotherapist

After helping me through a very persistent climbing injury over the space of two years, Jules came onto the team as a voluntary physiotherapist to help through any niggles or problems I may have during training and the various upcoming expeditions.

With the remnants of a multitude of old injuries, including two broken arse cheeks (climbing), a click in my ulna nerve (climbing) and a metal plate in my ankle (rugby), Jules has already gotten me through some tricky knee problems on the Scottish Slog Expedition.

Officially labelled as BA,BSc, MPhil, MCSP (Phys), Hand and Upper Limb Specialist, Jules is an all round excellent human who radiates positive energy!

Tara: Osteopath

After completing ten days of the Scottish expedition, I had a very painful and debilitating injury on the outside of my left knee. As well as immediately ringing Jules for advice, I got in touch with Tara, an osteopath, acupuncturist and naturopath, DO, ND, LicAc, MBACC, at Edinburgh Osteopaths to help crunch me back into place. 

As well as being incredibly helpful andvery generously giving me lots of extra time in an effort to get me fixed pronto, Tara expressed a keen enthusiasm about the trip and offered her assistance long distance, so becoming a new member of the team! 

Ross: PT

I started doing group sessions with Ross and a few pals after being recommended to him for climbing training. It quickly became obvious that Ross really knows his stuff and, seemingly, can also handle our slightly dodgy chat, which makes beasting sessions all the more acceptable!

As well as being very adaptable, knowledgeable and motivating in personal training, Ross is also trained in sports massage, I discovered after wrecking my knee on the first ten days of the Scottish expedition. And with combination of very strong thumbs and very little sympathy for squealing injured people (this may be client-specific), he is very effective at this too it turns out!