Sarah Outen travelled around the world by human power alone over four and a half years, arriving back in the UK late 2015. This is a teaser for her expedition that I cut together before I ventured out to meet her in May to shoot her launch across the North Atlantic on the final leg of her journey.

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"Jane wakes up. Same old shit. A moment later, things start to get fucked up..."

To date, 'Situation Normal All Fucked Up' has received a nomination for a BAFTA New Talent Award for Best Editor and is currently awaiting responses from festival submissions around the world.

'A Wee Night In' is currently travelling the globe screening at various film festivals, including the prestigious IDFA and Glasgow Shorts Film Festival.

'Jimmy' was shot pretty much by accident on a sketchy night out in Leith in 2013. Creepy.

A short experimental project shot whilst at ECA.