First Ventures on Ice: Sweden Training
withToby Cowen
March - April 2024

This trip will involve fourteen days of remote, cold and increasingly independent training with Polar Guide and Survival training Expert Toby Cowen at his training centre inside the Arctic Circle, Sweden. The training will involve three phases:

1. Theory and Practice - 4 days:

Fitting and familiarisation of skis, pulk, tent, stove, sleeping system
Clothing considerations for the extreme cold
Travel Routines
Camp Layout and Routines
Equipment Considerations
Navigation Considerations
Nutritional Considerations
Health and Hygiene Routines
Comms, Power and Electronics

2. Micro Expedition - 5 nights solo.

3. Micro Expedition - 4 nights solo in more arduous and more remote terrain.

Whilst I have a good amount of experience in a variety of cold environments, this will be my first time pulling a pulk on skis. Toby's experience is vast and I very much look forward to learning from him.